Our family has been running the Pollerhof here in Röschitz in the Weinviertel for over 100 years. For me, it was already clear when I was a little boy: being a winemaker is the greatest thing. This has not changed to this day. Even though a lot has changed otherwise. The farm has been lovingly renovated, the vineyards now cover 20 hectares, there are modern facilities in the cellar and – very important for us – we are certified organic.

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About our wines

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I want to bring as much of nature as possible into the bottles. Unadulterated. High quality. Flavorful. For this, I always develop my own ideas and constantly try out new things. Of course, breaking new ground is not always comfortable, sometimes you just get a shake of the head. But it is exciting. It enriches my work, makes it more lively and – yes – it makes my wines better.

One of these ideas is the chicken garden. Who would let chickens into their vineyard? No one in my neighborhood does it. There I am the only one far and wide with egg understanding. Our chickens busily peck worms and sprouts among the vines, scratch the soil with their claws and fertilize it too. As a bonus, there are fresh eggs every day and I have less work in the vineyard. In new German we say: A clear win-win situation.

The future remains exciting!

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