The Pollerhof is located in Röschitz, a small village with just under 1,000 inhabitants on the western edge of Austria’s largest wine-growing region, the Weinviertel. Here the primordial sea left valuable rock layers, and the Bohemian Massif provided us with granite soil. Our wines benefit from these gifts of nature and from the mild climate with its many hours of sunshine. Grüner Veltliner is characterized by a unique finesse and unmistakably deep spiciness. This taste experience has made it famous all over the world.

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About our wines

The Weinviertel is not only a great place to grow and enjoy wine, it is also an excellent place to get some fresh air. Especially his thoughts, on one of the countless hiking routes of the 300 km long hiking trail network through the Retzer Land. By the way, this can be done faster by bike; here, too, there are numerous wine bike paths ready to show eager pedalers the beauty of our region.

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